Create Gantt Chart With Excel

gantt chart excelGantt chart is a popular way of managing project schedule. A gantt chart is a bar graph that shows the progress of specific tasks in project management. A gantt chart can help project managers to schedule the project so that the project managers can easily know the duration, resources, sequence and orders of specific tasks in the project

Gantt Chart Basics

Project managers need to understand the difference between Gantt chart and PERT chart. Project management can be supported by many useful tools. There are three main tools available for project scheduling: Grantt Chart, Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). The key differences between the Gantt Chart and PERT chart is that the Gantt chart shows the basic sequence of tasks while the PERT chart shows the inter-dependence of tasks. As a result, Gantt chart often shows the percentage of progress using bar graph, PERT chart demonstrate the relationship and dependence of tasks using network models.

Project managers need to understand the objectives and functions of Gantt chart. When using gantt chart to manage project, it is important to know that the purpose of gantt chart is to give a clear illustration of project status. The Gantt chart can also help update and adjust based on the real situation and actual status.

Create Gantt Chart using Excel

There are free Gantt chart software you may use to create complex Gantt chart. however, you may use commonly available software such as Microsoft Excel to develop a Gantt chart. The procedure of designing a Gantt chart is as follows.

The first step is create a table for your project. In the project, you need to define the list of tasks for the project. You also should list the start date and duration for the project.

gantt chart

The second step is to insert a stacked bar chart based on the project data. In the procedure, you need to first insert a stacked bar chart. When a blank bar chart is inserted, you need to select the data from the table. Select the start date and duration respectively on the left. Then select the Task data on the right for Y-axis.

Gantt chart

The third step is to remove the default blue fill color for the start date. Select the bar chart and choose No fills for the default color. After the change, The Gantt chart is ready. You may make changes based on your needs. For example, you may change orders of the Y-axis. You may also change the unit level of X-axis etc.

gantt chart excel