Gantt chart template

Gantt chart template is an chart sample that used in the project management to demonstrate the project schedule and the key activities of a project. A well defined gantt chart sample can help project managers to improve project management skills and efficiency.

Gantt Chart Basics

Gantt chart needs to have a clear understanding of the function of the gantt chart. A gantt chart help the construction professionals to understand the work breakdown structure of the project. A gantt chart also shows the timelines for each task and the overlap between tasks. Another function is to show the interactions between each tasks of the project so that the project professionals know where they are and what directions they should go in the project management.

Gantt chart can also help the project management team to communicate easily with the external stakeholders. Gantt chart needs to understand the benefits and drawbacks of its use in the project management. Grantt chart is an excellent tool to demonstrate the project phrases and key activities of the project and can be easily understood by those who have less knowledge about the project. It can also be useful to indicate the critical points on the chart with bold or colored outlines of the bars. However, Gantt chart is not useful in large and complex project and give a false impression with simplified information about the progress of the project.

Gantt Chart Template

There is free chart template you can download for reference, however, you may design your sample gantt chart template based on your project needs and requirements if you use common spreadsheet such as Word or Excel. During the development process, it is important to consider the gantt chart format, gantt chart layout and gantt chart outline in the gantt chart example.

The first key part in the gantt chart template is the project overview. In the section, you need to state the background information of the project such as the project name and state data etc. For example, The Project Name:__; Project Basic Information:__; Project Team:__; Project Duration:__ etc.

The second key part in the gantt chart sample is the main body. In the section, you need to show the key activities of the project and their individual timeline and details of progress for each key activities. For example, the Activities A:__; Activities A Start and End Data:__; Activities A Progress:__ etc.

The last key part in the gantt chart example is the footer. In the section, you need to give explanation and instructions. You may give clear instructions for the project managers to give their input to the chart. Also you may give your summaries about the project development and progress etc.