Pie chart template

Pie chart template is a chart example with a predefined format and style that shows displaying information in business or other areas. A well designed pie chart sample can help business and professional in displaying information in an effective manner.

Pie Chart Overview

Pie chart needs to understand its function and use. The pie chart is the most widely used statistical chart in the business world and the mass media. However, it has its limitations. One of the key disadvantages of the pie chart is that it is difficult to compare different sections of a given pie chart, or to compare data across different pie charts. Studies also show that comparison by angle was less accurate than comparison by length.

Pie chart needs to understand the different types of charts and graph. Apart from pie charts, there are other graph that can effectively display information: bar graph, flow chart, line graph etc. Bar graphs are used to present and compare data; Flow charts are often used to demonstrate the process; Line charts are most popular and easy to create, they can indicate the direction of change.

Pie Chart Template

There is free chart example you can download for reference, however, you may create your sample pie chart template based on your graph needs and requirements if you use common spreadsheet such as Excel. During the development process, it is essential to consider the pie chart format, pie chart layout and pie chart outline in the pie chart example.

The first key part in the pie chart template is to enter the chart data in the excel. When entering the data, it is important to know that you should not leave blank rows or columns when entering your data. You data should be basically two columns: one item and its descriptions and another column is the data.

The second key part in the pie chart sample is the data selection. In the section, you need to use your mouse to select the data for comparison. Once you have selected the data, you may need to choose the style and format for the chart. There are many styles and types you can choose based on your own needs.

The last key part in the pie chart example is the analysis and summaries. After you have formatted your pie chart, you may give your summaries and analysis based on the chart. You may give your comments or recommendations based on the analysis.